June 25, 2007

without consolation or solace; hopelessly unhappy; inconsolable

feeling or showing profound hopelessness, dejection, discouragement

...when i was younger, i thought i could stand on my own.

June 22, 2007

more than meets the eye

"MUTEMATH records theme track for upcoming Michael Bay film."

click below and jump to mutemath's myspace page to hear the song.

June 18, 2007

He doesn't look a thing like Jesus

author's note: this post was written in a reactive state of mind - originally saved as a draft (i get into trouble with gender issues). i have debated whether or not to publish it, but ultimately decided to give it some air. words are only words, after all - and as i've stated in the past, 95% of what i say should be disregarded as self-indulgent conjecture. enjoy.

(Why girls don't like the movie Knocked Up)

They shun the thought of loving someone less than a heroic savior figure. Especially sheltered good girls, to use a broadly evocative term.

As the "weaker vessel" (constantly conditioned as such, at least) there is perhaps the feeling of a need for earthly redemption via an unattainably perfect mate - one who will rescue them from all of their shortcomings, having none of his own. Relationship bliss not through reciprocal symbiosis, but rather the achievement of an ideal other.

Of course, the film depicts a different path. There has been recent discussion of the "Beta Male" paradigm which has become common in comedies such as Judd Apatow's 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up. Both abandon angelic, model-cut male lead roles for - here comes the shocker - actors and characters who resemble human beings. Neither film simply satiates a puerile pornographic fantasy in which a "loser" gets lucky with a hotgirl; they share themes of sincere, heartfelt undertones in depictions of improbably loving relationships gleaned from the bluster of seemingly juvenile comedy.

***Side: In a still patriarchal, male-dominated society the female roles continue to be occupied by gorgeous blond sexies, go figure.***

To quote "Mercenary Territory" by title-inspiring Little Feat:

Some kind of man, he can't do anything wrong,
If I see him I'll tell him you're waiting.
p.s. - fool that i am, i'd do it all over again

June 16, 2007

Afraid of the Dark

She elevates me to an impossible sum,
Together feels closer than ever before.

With her decline myself evaporates,
All but Love is vanity, slavery.

So cold, Oblivion's embrace,
Nothing. I am nothing.

Afraid of the Dark
P.T. Roll

June 14, 2007


Characterized by or given to pretentious or conspicuous show in an attempt to impress others

*same root as word of the day june 2, my mind is treading familiar territory today.

June 10, 2007


Inside scoop says a band by the name of "Red Hot Chili Peppers" was on the Grand Rapids scene in the '70s. I have not read the Anthony Kiedis autobiography (Scar Tissue), but am curious to know if there is a connection.

sol·ip·sism - noun

  1. Philosophy. The theory that only the self exists, or can be proved to exist
  2. Extreme preoccupation with and indulgence of one's feelings, desires; egoistic self-absorption

Look Through the Window

Fly like an Eagle
Mercury Blues
Dance, Dance, Dance
True Fine Love
The Joker
The Stake
Jungle Love
Rock'n Me
Jet Airliner
Wild Mountain Honey
Take the Money and Run
The Crossroads (cover)


June 07, 2007


Batman Begins (2005) was a pretty rocking flick, a quality product to back up the now ubiquitious comic-book-movie HYPE. Great rendition of the caped crusader by Chris Nolan, who previously directed Memento (2000) and Insomnia (2002).

I really like Nolan's attention to the psychology/pathology of his characters. In the closing scene of Begins there is a discussion between Batman and Gordon (Gary Oldman, good call) about the nature of Gotham's "supervillains" and the threat of escalation between the masked hero and increasingly dramatic foes. The comissioner produces an evidence bag with a Joker playing card and the movie ends.

Christian Bale as Bats, Michael Caine as Alfred, Gary Oldman as Commisioner Gordon, Liam Neeson as Ra's Al Ghul - forget about it! Who can keep this trend going as Joker?

Can't say I was super excited when the announcement was made that Heath Ledger would don the grin. As I seem to recall, the news came after Brokeback Mountain had received all sorts of Oscar buzz. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but Ledger was in a string of really bad movies and his casting seemed out of rhythm (show me Johnny Depp as joker).

After seeing a few early screenshots today, however, I have altered my perspective. And July '08 seems far off (loooong wait, just like for the first). Joker ain't no joke, fool.

6/10/2008 P.S. – It seems likely that Heath Ledger's death and his portrayal of the Joker are inextricably fused somehow. To write that his untimely demise has not heightened my anticipation of the new movie would be a lie.

June 06, 2007

Stevie Guitar

Ride for Independence :: June 9th, 2007
Featuring Steve Miller Band and Robbie Knievel

My first concert was Nightranger opening for Journey at Frawley Stadium in August, 2001 (Journey bassist Ross Valory previously recorded with Miller's band on Rock Love*). Wilmington's minor league stadium seats 6,500 and seemed like a great summer venue.

Miller is in his early 60's, and Fly Like an Eagle celebrated it's 30th anniversary last year. I eagerly anticipate the performance nonetheless. Yet another fading musical talent whose heyday had come and gone long before I arrived on the scene, it's cool to see SMB touring at all - let alone in Wilmington, DE.

*Another notable SMB graduate: Boz Scaggs (guitar/vocals) on Children of the Future/Sailor. Everything is connected.

June 02, 2007

  1. outwardly appearing as such; professed; pretended
  2. apparent, evident, or conspicuous