December 22, 2007


I was watching a show about Ralph Nader last night on PBS. Seemed to have a pro-Nader, pro-third-party slant, maybe not. there were a number of interviews with former "Nader's Raiders" (from Ralph's days as a consumer/political watchdog in decades past) decrying his "spoiling" of the Dems (Gore, then Kerry) by running on a third-party ticket. I laughed. Nader stated that there wasn't "a dime's worth of difference between the two parties;" everyone's in the pocket of corporations and special interests.

He referenced the stature and glory of politics in its birthplace, ancient Greece. Now the word has a worse than negative connotation. Politician is never far from crook, liar, self-server in most people's minds. The only thing that keeps us committed to the political process is a ritualistic cycle of self-delusion, induced at election time. People convince themselves, chant "Hooray for our side!" then run to the polls. Each time a lesser-of-two-evils is elected, both parties are innately enabled to become more evil. It's not a two-party system – it's a sham perpetrated by the oligarchy.

I tell people that I don't vote. I support the system implicitly by understanding that real power is not held by the population and its ability to vote.

And I let it be.

Voters don't like hearing this, and respond:
You can't complain if you don't vote. Voting is your voice. Every vote counts. It's your sacred right as an american. Or the most popular: you HAVE to vote.

Amusing, these demo-fascists, trying to force their beliefs about voting in america on me. Maybe the american public has been so conditioned (by who, I wonder) to associate their participation in voting with liberty and democracy that any contradiction to such a notion seems like heresy. Proselytizing ensues.

ANYWAY, I did speak up at my former place of employment. Subjugation to incompetent tyranny was the response mandated after my voice was heard. So I quit/was fired. So much for the stature and glory of small-business. Here's my new place of employment:

Working from home. Not sure if that's a blessing or a curse - a terrible autonomy, so to speak. Going well so far.