August 28, 2007

al·tru·ism - noun

  1. Unselfish concern for the welfare of others; selflessness (as opposed to egoism)
  2. Zoology. Instinctive behavior that is detrimental to the individual but favors the survival or spread of that individual's genes, as by benefiting its relatives.

August 27, 2007

Deutsche Bank Championship

"This Labor Day weekend the top 120 players will converge at TPC Boston to compete for their share of the $7M championship purse, but only the top 70 will move on to the next round.
Momentum is building around the first ever PGA TOUR Playoffs and all are in pursuit of the FedExCup title and the single largest bonus payout in sports, $10M."

got tix to sunday and monday (labor day finish) -- can't wait, should be some kind of something.

Tiger at TPC Boston (on sunday, i guess)
look for updates on proposition bets and from the tourney itself.

11:10 PM -- I'm taking 14:1 ($140:10) on Brandt Snedeker to place in the top 5 in Boston. Get there.

August 24, 2007

ol·i·gar·chy - noun

form of government in which all power is vested in a few persons or in a dominant class or clique; government by the few

August 21, 2007

The World

been reading BLDG/BLOG...consistently excellent content - def check it out

bumped into this link to interesting article (newleftreview - pinkos!) about DUBAI - the middle east's burgeoning superfabulous bourgeois playground [trans.- "mecca for conspicuous consumption and economic crime."]

below: ski dubai

Dubai is crafting and marketing istelf as the cutting edge for architectural gigantism (likened to the vision for Imperial Berlin) - a hub for premium lifestyles (Rod Stewart spent $33M to reserve his faux "England" sand spit on the private cluster known as The World). Of course, it's a mirage predicated on quintessentially unsustainable oil glut and an indentured workforce of laborers who build and maintain the hotels and theme parks for the superich to spend excessively amongst. Horrifying to the core, or the ultimate consumer wonderland?

Little Feat on Japanese TV

The host really knows his Feats. I like the part near the end where he mimics the beat of "Fat Man in the Bathtub." Way too weird.

August 14, 2007

Patriots Glen

Played 13 holes after 4:30pm yesterday at Patriots Glen - only $16 for the fee including golf cart due to recently aerated greens.

The third hole. Par 4's with doglegs cut tightly out of dense trees = many lost balls. The driver was working ok, a few decent long-iron shots, but a lot of slicers into the right woods.

Water all along the righthand side of the 17th fairway gobbled a few Slazengers as well.

Friday Nine and Dine: golf with cart after 4pm, dinner, beverage $35

August 08, 2007

I Bet You

So I'm laying 2:1 ($40:20) against Tiger Woods winning the PGA Championship. And I'm nervous.

If you haven't seen this clip before, well - pay attention:

P.S. - Just do it...laugh.

8/9 :: New prop bet (completely unfair) - Even Money ($20:20) on BOTH John Daly and Phil Mickelson finishing 12th or higher. I bet against when Daly was in the clubhouse with the lead after 18 holes (-3) and Mickelson had come out strong (-2 thru 6 holes).

Right now Daly's celebrating his round with a 12-pack of Miller Lite and Mickelson dropped 4 shots to end the day at +2, so I'm feeling good about this one. Tiger stands at +1.

8/13 :: It's not my fault Tiger decided to win this one. He shot a hell of a round on Friday (63) to grab the lead and held it through the weekend. He's just not susceptible to the crushing psychological pressure which affects the closing rounds of human golfers in major tournaments. Where's the drama in watching Tiger execute golf shots?

August 07, 2007

ob·se·qui·ous – adjective
  1. characterized by or showing servile complaisance or deference; fawning: an obsequious bow.
  2. servilely compliant or deferential: obsequious servants.
  3. obedient; dutiful.
my only motivations: ego and necessity [duty integrity compassion]
my only possessions: pain and fear [grace joy love peace happiness]

August 01, 2007


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