August 21, 2007

The World

been reading BLDG/BLOG...consistently excellent content - def check it out

bumped into this link to interesting article (newleftreview - pinkos!) about DUBAI - the middle east's burgeoning superfabulous bourgeois playground [trans.- "mecca for conspicuous consumption and economic crime."]

below: ski dubai

Dubai is crafting and marketing istelf as the cutting edge for architectural gigantism (likened to the vision for Imperial Berlin) - a hub for premium lifestyles (Rod Stewart spent $33M to reserve his faux "England" sand spit on the private cluster known as The World). Of course, it's a mirage predicated on quintessentially unsustainable oil glut and an indentured workforce of laborers who build and maintain the hotels and theme parks for the superich to spend excessively amongst. Horrifying to the core, or the ultimate consumer wonderland?

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