October 04, 2005

All For Angkor?

The Angkor Wat temple complex in Siem Reip, Cambodia - one of the architectural wonders of the world.

Does anything about this image scream "We need more WordArt!"? Engineering Senior Design Project Team #13 (a.k.a. - "All for Angkor") thinks so. This group of "individuals" is responsible for orchestrating a collaborative effort with a student architecture design team from South Korea (thanks, Grandma) to design a structure for an agriculture building at the proposed Angor Global University. However, despite the alliterative name the group has chosen I feel that this project will be no different than the scores of relatively useless SDP's that came before them. I am available to this and other groups in the class to impart aesthetic design knowledge (ART) as well as architectural insight (ARCT) and so far all of my efforts to help have been roundly rejected (by a bunch of ENGR's).

I am growing increasingly exasperated with the unilateral disregard for my offering of contribution to the project. Let me expound a bit on that "WordArt" comment earlier...Yesterday the team was drafting a Power Point slide to submit which would visually and textually summarize the project goals, etc. I explicity expressed my desire to assist in this element of the project - it is graphic design after all. Pitifully, when push came to shove, I was relegated to sitting in the back of the group and watching as another project visual got ridiculously butchered, "Engineering Style." The typical result is either an extremely grey and bland "blah" of a presentation, or the opposite - as was this case - a grotesquely disharmonious amalgam of trashy word art and block-picture overlays set with an obscenely tacky color "scheme," or lack of one to be more precise.

Regardless, if the team doesn't want my help then they should stop wasting my time. If I were the owner of a firm I wouldn't let a single one of these people anywhere near the graphic-design aspects of producing project visual. After all, they're engineers! All this cookie-cutter crap is really starting to get to me. Aaach! I'm getting worked up and I can't type derrogatory thoughts as quickly as they are popping into my head. More on this later...

P.S. - Apologies to anyone in the team who may happen across this post. I'm just venting a little bit, you know.

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