May 03, 2006

Pub Post

It occurs to me that it's been a while since I've done a bar update. Here's the down and dirty on a few of the places I've been spotted at recently.

One Trick Pony
Located just around the corner (touching) from The Cottage on Fulton Street, One Trick Pony is a decent spot. It's really more of a restaurant than a bar, but they do have live music and a "Guinness-y" kind of feel going on. My main problem with One Trick is that it's too refined/uppety to really hang out there (in linear relation, drink prices were also a bit uppety).

Elbow Room
On the northern side of town, Elbow Room is past Logans Alley just off of Lake Michigan. I'd say it's worth the extra drive; the atmosphere is vibrant and friendly, but in a down-home kind of way. Drinks are cheap as well- definitely a Jameson/Labbatt kind of joint.

Nite Cap
On the West Side of Fulton Street, Nite Cap would not have been a draw but for the fact that one of the bartenders is a friend (read: really cheap drinks). Nite Cap tends to suffer from "westside syndrome" a bit: mopey blue collar types. However, with the jukebox pumping out some Little Feat and a baseball game on the tube the atmosphere lightens a bit.

Kuzzins Lounge
Another West Side bar, Kuzzins is near the thick of things on Leonard Street - the main drag on the west side. Despite the unique lounge look (moulded recessed ceilings, leather booths, dance floor, ambient lighting), Kuzzins seems to be inhabited predominately by the sad-sud type, leaking dollars to Club Keno while comiserating over a few Budweiser bottles. Needless to say, it's pretty much the new place to be. While Tom Dick and Harry hang by the bar with the catty bartender, we'll grab a pitcher and head for the pooltables in the back. Drinks and food are very cheap (West Siiiiide!) and the pool is only $0.75/game except on Monday evenings, when it's free. The parking lot/back entrance communicate volumes about what Kuzzins is all about; I for one wouldn't have it any other way.


walawalapb said...

Pub Post thoughts

One Trick Pony: agreed on all points

Elbow Room: nothing outstanding but yeah a solid bar

Nite Cap: Wahoo cheap drinks, don't go back home, we need you to milk your bartenter contacts for us.

Kuzzins: You failed to mention the black haired female bartender and less than amiable personality. besides that though, agreed i am definitely grateful that you introduced me to the kuzz.

Pete V said...

"...catty bartender..." It's in there! Plus an update: following the recent visit we got a taste of the other side of Kuzzins (karaoke night). Conclusion: the less people around the more I like. Misanthrope alert!