October 18, 2007

Fillmore NYC - Irving Plaza

Went all right, show started a little late.

We roll into the city via the Holland Tunnel around 7 pm. Found a ridiculous parking spot at Irving Plaza about two blocks from the show. Only a block in the other direction to Pete's Tavern for dinner and drinks (another claiming oldest bar in NYC) - pasta primevera had 8 cloves of garlic.

Long line to get into Fillmore at 9:30 (doors opened at 8) and Eisley has not gone on the stage yet. Mute Math starts before 11 pm and plays their typical hour and a half set - consistently brilliant live performance enhanced by real-time and recorded video displays (cool addition to the 'tube wall' lights)

Stand-up bass for "Stare at the Sun/Obsolete"
Darren standing on drum hoisted by crowd during "Break the Same"
The NYC audience

Great concert.

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