January 04, 2009

The Gang

One of the first posts on this blog lauded the merits and lamented the probable demise of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Alas, three full seasons later, the show continues to be a rare gem of reprobate, lunatic, narcissistic, pathological, and antisocial facets.

Adding Danny Devito's character compromised the original continuity "The Gang" established in the first season. But it did unleash the limitless insanity and hilarity possessed by Dennis, Dee, Mac and Charlie.


sd said...

The first two seasons of Always Sunny were gold. But since then the show has spiraled into the more and more absurd and unrealistic. I still find myself laughing at the newer episodes, but not nearly as much.

Pete V said...


I'm glad that the show stayed on the air, but I'm ready for it to be done. One more season would be plenty.

Maybe there should be term limits on television shows. Four seasons and you're out.

sd said...

Term limits is good. Contrived, aimless plots, the only goal of which is to eat air space and generate ad revenue has hurt many a once good show *cough*TheOffice*cough*. Although I would have gladly ignored term limits for Arrested Development. That show should have ran until Mitchell Hurwitz said so.