July 16, 2007

and quietly gets swallowed by a wave

the decemberists live @ the mann music center -- philadelphia, pa
with the mann festival orchestra -- sunday, july 15th 8:00pm

The band's performance was more exuberent at the Tower Theater in March. And the set was short - played for 90 minutes only. However, waves of crecendo from the full orchestra during a selection of songs was very cool, a different kind of concert experience - accentuated by the al fresco ambiance.

The real star of the evening was the venue. the Mann Center for performing arts is an essential place - a node of interest with space designed for human use and interaction. The architecture is simple and modern, but organic with a hint of whimsy (duck). Interior space is cavelike - formed by a shell stretched over a shallow amphitheatre which housed a large balcony as well.

Like a concert in a clamshell.

Regretably, the price for shows at the Mann can be prohibitively expensive (as anything good should be, right?) ticket $60, parking $10, two cocktails $15. Travestied juxtapostion (or is it imposition) of commerce and art. A shame that great places like this require currents of cash to keep them afloat.

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