July 23, 2007

Eminence Front

Yes, ABC.

Watching the British Open yesterday reminded me that PGA coverage varies by network. Features and commentary are different (CBS has Faherty), but what sets ABC in an eschelon above is their use of sweet musical tracks in the program (CBS has theme music by Yanni).

I remember a few years ago - just getting into golf - watching the leaderboard before commercials set to cuts from old classics and brand new releases (Beatles, Zeppelin, Tears for Fears, The Killers - anything between).

Yesterday's coverage included a heady segment of the instrumental intro to The Who's "Eminence Front" during the super-slow-motion swing vision shots. Yes!


lisa van dyk said...

I played Wii golf the other day...super fun!

Pete V said...

the wii is pretty awesome, jeff should buy one for sure. i like wii darts