December 10, 2008

Children of Men

Recently signed up for Netflix and have been blasting through my queue (is that really how it's spelled?). Netflix is great - opens the door to a long list of good movies I never got around to seeing.

My #1 pick so far:

Children of Men, directed by Alfonso Cuarón.

"The bleakest movie you'll ever want to see twice." Indeed, after viewing I forced my parents to watch the next day. The cinematography is dreary, but when "Bring on the Lucie (Freeda Peeple)" by John Lennon is reprised as the end credits roll... well, it just makes me want to dance.

Also, wow. I just read this article: "Legalize Drunk Driving". Don't let the *gasp* title turn you off, it's an interesting argument. The warning about giving the government "power to make the application of the law arbitrary, capricious, and contingent on the judgment of cops" struck a chord with me.


LVD said...

oooh, what's queued up for when I get home? (and that is how you spelled it, I used it in scrabble over Thanksgiving--double word score!)

LVD said...

also turns out I get my tenses mixed up: that is how you SPELL it.

Pete V said...

i spelled good

my upcoming netflix Q includes a list of "the" movies:

the savages
the dark night
the illusionist
the prestige
the good theif
the last king of scotland

LVD said...

did you spell things wrong on purpose? (night, theif?)