December 05, 2008


December 5, 2008
75th Anniversary of the
Twenty-first Amendment to the
Constitution of the United States

Amendment 21 repealed the Eighteenth Amendment, ending federal prohibition of alcohol (1920-1933). Teetotaling crusaders were the initiating force behind the 18th Amendment. The Temperance lobby constituted such a substantial influence on policy that the unpopular national ban stood for thirteen years.

Grass roots political efforts coupled with the blatant link between prohibition and a surge in organized crime led to the first and only full reversal of any amendment to our Constitution.

So drink up, and enjoy your freedom (to abstain, use, or abuse) that was won by the people for the people. One may observe, however, that such dynamic democracy exhibited in the repeal of alcohol prohibition did not conflict with any major corporate interests (other than the government enforcement agency). Nor was the institution of prohibition spurred exclusively by demagogues willing to propagandize the public and appeal to dehumanizing fear and prejudice.

Federal prohibition of cannabis-sativa: 71 years and counting...

True green, not industrial greenwash. Easy to grow; requires few chemicals for production and processing; beneficial to soil; absorbs CO2; abundant uses including bio-fuel, food, clothing, paper, construction material, almost infinite applications.

Cui bono? Who benefits from prohibition of this plant?

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