September 26, 2005

Pub Crawl Update

The hunt continues...been to several new watering holes since the last Pub-post. Here goes:

Founders Brewing Company
A true micro-brewery, the IPA was decent and the Oatmeal Stoudt under nitrogen was fabulous.

The Cambridge House
The only place in town for scotch. Their multi-tier system covered the gamut, and to put it in perspective, Glennfiddich and Laphroig were in the lowest tier. For $7.50 you can get three 1.5oz samples of the "low" tier scotches - lovely. Plus, the game room in the back was very nice.

Rocky's Bar & Grill
Don't blink. Tucked away on a backstreet in a heavily industrial area, Rocky's was quite the nice surprise. It's a true hole in the wall, but the atmosphere was excellent as were the pours on the Jameson (thanks to my man Cliff). Good/Cheap burgers, too - what more could you ask for?

Bull's Head Tavern
Live music with no cover on a Friday night? That's what I'm talking about (Bill Withers' "Use Me" was being covered when we stopped in). However, Bull's Head is smack in the middle of things on Ionia Street, so you've gotta deal with the crowd/noise. That being said, it was definitely a Five-o'clock set as opposed to the typical Ionia Street [Jerk]-o-rama (read: Taps).

Another Ionia Street bar, typical scene - very crowded/noisy, but cheap enough. At that point we weren't to worried about the fine details anyway. It does make one appreciate Rocky's all that much more.

The Cottage Bar
I've been to this place before, just never sat at the bar. More of a restaurant than a watering hole, Cottage is a great place, but I'm not in a hurry to "have a drink" there again.

Despite the fact that they have 30 beers on draft (hence the name) this place was pushing a very "Club" atmosphere. It was the first time I had to wait in a line -albeit very short- to get in the door, and the place was packed. Yeah, did I mention it's on Ionia Street. The Guinness was fine, not to mention 25c cheaper than Cottage, but I won't be running back to taps anytime soon either.

Overall Message: In the future, anyone trying to find me on a Friday night should not be looking on Ionia Street.

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